Untitled 1–5 (Slight Squint), 2016


In 2015, I began to work on a series of drawings based on the eleven nets (flattened patterns) of the cube. Then, for my 2016 exhibition Pandora’s Box at the Arts Center Project Space, Abu Dhabi, I realized Untitled (Wall Drawing), in which one of these eleven nets serves as the basic form on which all eleven nets, drawn on a smaller scale, are placed, without touching at either edges or vertices. An 11 × 11 grid underlies each square face of the basic form, and a 2 × 2 grid underlies each such face of the nets placed on it. Some of the nets are truncated because they extend beyond the outline of the basic form. However, when the viewer folds up the latter into a cube in the mind’s eye, he or she “sees” that the truncated forms meet at the appropriate edges and form complete nets.



Pencil on squared Clairefontaine paper

Each 33 x 44 cm