Flux Balance / Rotating Wings, 2010


Flux Balance / Rotating Wings begins with exterior views of the Schindler House (now the MAK Center for Art and Architecture) in West Hollywood, California, and its grounds. A cross-fade to a concrete wall with window slits then guides the viewer into the building’s interior. Based on the rotating ground plan, the projection, which runs for just under fifteen minutes, pursues a tour of Rudolph Schindler’s architecture and the gardens. Slowly fading into each other, the images instill a sense of the flow experienced by the visitor walking through the building itself. The superimposition of two views either reflects the dynamic balance of Schindler’s architecture or, where interior views blend into exterior shots, examines the materiality of the architectonic barrier. Just as the walls interact with both interior and exterior spaces by virtue of their material facture, the cross-fade marks the boundary where interior fades into exterior.


Projection of cross-fading images, alternating from 2 slide projectors

19 and 19 color slides, sound of the projector

15:04 minutes in duration, looped

Sandra Peters, with permission from the MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Los Angeles