Untitled (Facade Studies II), 2013


Untitled (Facade Studies II) is a series of five collaged drawings inspired by the Schindler House (now the MAK Center for Art and Architecture), Rudolph Schindler and Pauline Schindler Gibling’s residence in 1922 at 835 North Kings Road, West Hollywood, California, and, more specifically, by the building’s facade structure. The drawings are composed of sheets of cardboard that are silkscreened in different matt colors, as well as foils and transparent papers. They reflect and recreate the rhythm and specific materiality of the various components of the original structure. The drawings are presented side by side on a table.


Silkscreened cardboard, paper, foil

21 × 41 cm; 21 × 72.4 cm; 21.7 × 88 cm; 21.3 × 92 cm

Photography © Horst Kloever