Untitled (Facade Studies I), 2012


Untitled (Facade Studies I) is a series of five collaged drawings inspired by Rudolph Schindler and Pauline Schindler Gibling’s How House (1925) in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, and, more specifically, by the building’s facade structure. I started out by making “models,” or smaller drawings, which I then translated into large “built” drawings. Composed of sheets of cardboard silkscreened in different matt colors, these drawings recreate the rhythm and specific materiality of the various components of the original structure. The large-format drawings are laminated on aluminum panels and mounted flush to the wall. A glass pane is set in front of each, attached only at a few points along the edge so that it hovers before the drawing. The pane acts as a protective facade while also mirroring the surrounding space and the viewer, redirecting his or her gaze at the artwork to prompt an act of self-reflection. The mental representation of the space interpenetrates with the viewer’s conception of his or her place within it.


Silkscreened cardboard, glass

91.5 × 128.5 cm; 110.2 × 190.4 cm; 111.3 × 161.5 cm; 104.7 × 166.7 cm; 124.2 × 176.3 cm

Photography © Jens Ziehe