Webbing, 2015


Webbing is a site-related installation. It consists of six cubes suspended from the ceiling that are aligned at right angles to each other but not to the surrounding architecture. The six faces of each cube (105 × 105 cm) are suspended by thin wire cables from a square wooden frame (edge length 140 cm), which in turn hangs from the ceiling by wire cables. Each face of each cube consists of the same bilateral-diagonal grid structure, painted a matt white, whereas the larger wooden frames are left unpainted. The wire cables allow the faces of the cubes and the frames to sway relative to each other. Depending on the dimensions of the room, the cubes may be hung at smaller or larger distances but always roughly at eye level for adult viewers, allowing them to perceive their bodies in relation to the cubes. The configuration of the bilateral-diagonal structures of the faces and their diagonal axes is different in each cube. Visual superimpositions result, and the cubes dovetail in ways that engender intricate structures in the viewer’s perception.


6 cubes (beech wood), paint, wire, suspended on frames (fir) from the ceiling

Each cube approximately 140 × 140 cm

Overall dimensions variable, in relation to space

Photography © Jens Ziehe