SIX, 2012


SIX is based on the idea of exhibiting a cube in isolation. For this piece, I worked on a design for a presentation of six different cubes as an ensemble in an interior or exterior setting. The cubes differ in terms of the allocation of the bilateral-diagonal structure to the six faces. They are to be arranged in two staggered rows of three cubes each and set at an angle of 45 degrees relative to the axes of the rows. The viewer can walk around each cube and sample a variety of perspectives. He or she can choose to view the cubes as an ensemble from a distance or meander between them, and in this way, their participation is instrumental in the experience between viewer and object in the artwork. To try out different permutations, I built models on a scale of 1:10. They allow me to test the possible permutations in allocating the bilateral-diagonal structure to the individual cubes as well as their arrangements in space.


Model for an unrealized outdoor sculpture

6 elements: beech wood, paint

Each 60 × 60 × 60 cm

Photography © Jens Ziehe