Zabriskie Point, 2013


Zabriskie Point is an exhibition project in which sixty-six concrete sculptures are to be placed in an interior or exterior space. Viewers will stand in an installation that will extend like a field around them. Each of the sixty-six sculptures is composed of two elements. The individual elements consist of the eleven different nets (flattened patterns) of the cube. They are combined to form sixty-six different pairs. The number of pairs is based on the fact that each of the eleven elements is combined with any other, plus the eleven pairs in which an element forms a pair with itself. The sizes of the concrete sculptures vary according to the space available for the installation. Another element of Zabriskie Point is a black-and-white film still from the eponymous 1970 film by Michelangelo Antonioni. In the artwork, the film still functions as a “found image” that was scanned and then printed on newsprint. The paper is light-sensitive and is intended to change color over time.



132 rubber elements in 66 pairs on floor, photography on newsprint (29.7 × 42 cm) on wall

Dimensions variable, in relation to space

Photography © Jan Brockhaus, Jens Ziehe, Horst Kloever