Within : Without, 2011


Rudolph Schindler built the How House in 1925 for James Eads How. It stands on a parcel of rugged land that is almost level along the street but slopes down toward a rocky ravine at the far end. Schindler adapted the How House to the site: the back section of the building descends toward the ravine in a series of tiers. For the part of the building set on the slope, Schindler primarily used concrete, whose structure and color harmonize with the stony terrain, while California redwood predominates in the front part of the building.

Running for just under twelve minutes, the slide projection Within : Without opens with exterior shots of the How House and its grounds. A cross-fade eventually leads to the lateral living-room window and then into the building’s interior. Based on the building’s bilateral-diagonal ground plan, the work presents a tour of Schindler’s architecture as well as the adjoining garden.


Projection of cross-fading images, alternating from 2 slide projectors

20 and 19 color slides, sound of the projector

15:29 minutes in duration

Sandra Peters, with permission from the MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Los Angeles