Ahoy, 2013


Flux Balance / Rotating Wings, Within : Without, and Ahoy are three slide projections that engage with Rudolph Schindler’s early work in architecture from 1921 to 1926. Flux Balance / Rotating Wings, a projection of Schindler and Pauline Schindler Gibling’s former residence in West Hollywood, California, dates from 2010; Within : Without, a projection of the How House in Silver Lake, Los Angeles, dates from 2011; and Ahoy, a projection of the Lovell Beach House in Newport Beach, California, dates from 2013. These three buildings are among the few in which Schindler worked with concrete. This material allowed him to think about structural engineering and load-bearing structures in new ways and to pursue much less conventional ideas about architectural space, and the effect is especially conspicuous in the Lovell Beach House.


Projection of cross-fading images, alternating from 2 slide projectors

15 and 15 color slides, sound of the projector

12:18 minutes in duration

Historic images © R. M. Schindler Papers, Art Design & Architecture Collection, University of California, Santa Barbara