Défilé des ombres, 2009


The film Défilé des ombres is based on the forms and configurations of shadows I discovered by chance inside the Jil Sander flagship store on Kurfürstendamm in Berlin after a walk. The items of clothing hanging for sale there produced a multifaceted play of shadows on the monochrome concrete floor—thanks not least to the complex lighting in the store. I spoke to the manager responsible for the store and asked whether I could sketch the shadows before the store opened and document them on a large sheet of paper. After some initial hesitation, she agreed, and on three different days, I sketched the contours in the early morning. I then photographed the drawings so I would be able to remember the shadows on site that filled out my lines. I developed the film Défilé des ombres from this photographic material.

Défilé des ombres is not a film in the traditional sense; rather, it consists of still photographs in motion: twenty-four photographs were edited together to create a digital loop. As the individual images drift and flow into one another, the differences in the thickness of the drawn lines suggest a défilé, which the sound artist Frédéric Sanchez set to music that he composed with a synesthetic effect in mind. The fact that Sanchez normally composes soundtracks for fashion shows in Paris and Milan heightens the subtle irony of the poetry of Défilé des ombres.


24 animated, digitalized photographs, sound, projected/on monitor

4:00 minutes in duration