Pfützen, 2013 (ongoing)


I started taking photographs of Pfützen, or puddles, in urban landscapes in 2013. The first pictures, taken in Berlin, date from the spring of 2013. In the summer of 2014, I photographed puddles in Vienna. The series now also encompasses frozen-over puddles (2015), slush puddles during a thaw (2015), puddles in Paris (2016), and, although it hardly ever rains there, puddles in Abu Dhabi (2015/16). The puddles reflect the cities and nature around them. Puddles are ephemeral mirror images that are fixed in photographs.

The pictures in the series are framed in a variety of ways: sets of three by three and four by four photographs, pairs, and as individually framed photos. The latter vary in size. Set in their diverse frames, they are presented in a scattershot arrangement on the wall, not unlike the way puddles will appear here and there on the ground.

2013 (ongoing)

Digital color photo print in maple frame, gray paint

33.7 × 46 cm, 48 × 65.2 cm, 48 × 65.2 cm, 48 × 65.2 cm, 48 × 65.2 cm, 65.2 × 90.1 cm, 33.7 × 46 cm

Photography © Jens Ziehe