Pandora’s Box, 2016


A cube can be unfolded in eleven different executions. These executions serve as the foundation for the sculpture Untitled (Pandora’s Box). Eleven half unfolded aluminum cubes are the elements of the sculpture. These elements are sculptures themselves. Ten of them are powder coated in yellow, and one cube is powder coated in a shimmery dark grey. The sculptures are made to be spread all over the exhibition space. The placement is part of the work. It has to stress both the impression of a spatial field and the impression of kinetic energy running through it. In that regard some of the cubes can be placed in little groups of two or three, and some of them can stand by themselves. It is important to notice that the cubes can be placed on each of their sides. Through that, they significantly change their appearance. During the period of a show the cubes will change both their position and they will be moved and grouped with other cubes around them in the exhibition space. The cubes will turn into nomadic objects that will travel over the period of the exhibition through the space.


11 elements, powder-coated aluminum (10 yellow, 1 metallic dark gray)

Each 118 × 104 × 98 cm

Installation measurements variable, in relation to space

Photography @ Jens Ziehe