City Center / Nomadic Monads, 2019


City Center / Nomadic Monads is made up of five columns, approximately ten feet high, based on various geometric forms (circle, triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon), each made of two-way mirror glass. Installed temporarily in public or semi-public space in the UAE, these objects allude equally to the glass curtain walls of corporate skyscrapers and to the bodies of passers-by. Contextualizing itself via form and materials, the ensemble will bring together what is otherwise incompatible: high rise architecture and our physical selves, the postcard view of the skyline and our eye-level encounter with one another, progress seen as technological modernity and a Euclidean geometric progression. The idea of the monad in the work’s title, meanwhile, builds on the many attempts since Pythagoras to make this concept fruitful for theoretical and cultural reflection.



Two-way mirror glass, steel frame

Height of each column: 320 cm; triangle: side length 100 cm, square: side length 75 cm, circle: diameter 55 cm, pentagon: side length 60 cm, hexagon: side length 50 cm

Photography and visualization © Sandra Peters and Ken Koch