Rheinland, 2005


Each of the fifty drawings in the series Rheinland consists of two overlaid sheets of translucent paper (tracing paper or millimeter tracing paper). Sets of abstract organic forms are gathered on the obverse sides, with the superimposition effecting a compaction. The individual forms are composed of foils in different colors, outlines, and areas of solid color, drawn with crayons and felt pens. The forms and their arrangements are found structures based on natural models. At the time I made this series, I was looking for coincidental configurations of forms and structures that were not products of design choices or the results of deliberate placement. After recording my “finds” in drawings, I subjected some of them to abstraction and compiled a formal vocabulary, upon which I subsequently drew for diverse configurations conceived for specific architectural spaces and executed in a range of materials (wood surfaces, neon elements). For the exhibition Zeichnung heute V held at the Kunstmuseum Bonn, Germany, in 2007, the first neon wall piece based on the series Rheinland was realized under the title Elemente als Formen, Formen als Elemente.


Tracing paper, foil, radiograph, colored pencil

Each 29.7 × 42 cm

Photography © Jürgen Baumann