Los Angeles, 1999–2001


Los Angeles, a series of collaged drawings, is the result of my aesthetic reflections on the city of Los Angeles. I assembled diverse foils and sheets of paper and subjected them to graphic redaction. In a series of three steps, I combined different elements in a collage-like fashion and then reworked them: I integrated photocopied details of a first set of drawings into a second set, segments of which I then inserted into a third set by montaging them in new configurations of papers and foils. The drawings are based on individual elements sewn together and treated in a variety of techniques. Sewing allowed me to consolidate the diverse papers and foils into durable assemblages. The drawings were intended as prototypes for large wall-based works, though the latter have yet to be realized. As drawings, these “drafts” retain their autonomous character.


Tracing paper, white and colored paper, glossy paper, cardboard, foil, spackle, radiograph, yarn

20 × 24 cm; 23 × 34 cm; 22 × 18 cm; 21 × 20 cm; 28 × 34 cm

Photography © Detlef Fiedler