On the Move—In Circles, 2016


On the Move—In Circles consists of color silkscreen prints on sixteen glass panes. Each pane is printed in three colors: one on the reverse side and two on the obverse. The prints explore the motif of overlapping circular forms. A template divided into twelve segments serves as a matrix to determine the points where the resulting crescent-shaped segments converge and diverge. The circle was taken to represent an octave. All circular configurations rotate relative to one another in the sequence of the printed glass panes. Depending on which circular configuration on the obverse side was printed first and which was printed last, the eight panes each reference minor or major modes in music. They are distinguishable by the colors: the circle printed on the reverse side of the glass is coral red (major) or beige (minor).

The idea for the glass piece arose between 2010 and 2016 during my work with four collaborators while developing Sound Column : Circling Sound (2010), a sound piece linked to the installation Modifikation—stetig steigende Steine (Modification—Constantly Climbing Stones, 2009). I made drawings for the team illustrating how I wanted the helical motion of the columns in Modification to be translated into an acoustic experience, which were then used to produce On the Move—In Circles.

If Sound Column : Circling Sound grew out of the transposition of an architectural structure (the columns) into an acoustic situation (harmonic tones), by contrast, On the Move—In Circles grew out of my visualization of the acoustic experience imparted by the sound installation.


16 double-sided silkscreen prints on and behind glass

Edition of 3

Each 56.9 × 42 × 0.4 cm

Photography © Jens Ziehe