Pfützen (2013)

Pfützen (Puddles), 2013 to present

Pfützen (Puddles) consists of two parts: a documentation of various puddles I have photographed in different cities and landscapes and large floor works of glass that lie on the floor like puddles and induce the room to flow. The photographs are assembled into groups of varying sizes. The forms of the floor works are derived from my work with the volume of the cube. Two different variations on a cube are combined to form equal pairs and placed in the room. This transfers the flowing movement of the elements to the spatial situation. Just as puddles reflect the cityscape or landscape, so the architecture of the exhibition space is reflected in the floor sculptures.

Floor elements: 22 elements in 11 identical pairs; dimensions variable; material: glass, 10 mm thick; can be walked on
Photograph: framing of puddles: 176 x 138.5 cm
Photographs, nine pieces: 41.5 x 29 cm

Pfützen | Photo: Sandra Peters

Pfützen | Photo: Jan Brockhaus

Pfützen | Photo: Jan Brockhaus

Pfützen | Photo: Horst Kloever