CutCube, 2013–14


In CutCube, I took on the challenge of visualizing the cut and folded edges of the eleven nets (flattened patterns) of the cube. In the book, sets of two spreads each juxtapose a schematic representation of the cube with the respective net. Red lines visualize the cut edges, and so the outlines of the nets are red throughout; blue lines indicate the folded edges. Another conceivable visualization would be to punch the different shapes of the nets out of the paper, creating windows onto the following page through which one would see the corresponding folded-up cube. The eleven unfolded forms and the graphic renditions of the cubes are arranged in a sequence based on a logical principle and are designed to achieve a “flow” in the transition from form to form (ground plan) and from page to page. The considerations laid out in the artist book CutCube relate to the sculptural installation Pandora’s Box (2016) and the sculpture Untitled (Blaue Blume) (2017).



Series of 22 drawings for an unrealized artist’s book

Ink on paper

Each 25 × 25 cm