Untitled 1/11 (CutCube), 2019


There are eleven possible ways of unfolding a cube. In each case, the cube is cut open along seven of its twelve edges. The correlation of the cuts determines the form of the net (the flattened pattern). Each net provides a different distribution of the six squares that, when folded, become the sides of a cube. Untitled 1/11 (CutCube) represents the seven cuts that are required to unfold a cube in two dimensions as the net and at the same time in three dimensions by representing the interrelation of the cuts as an incomplete open cube. The direct correlation of the two-dimensional and the three-dimensional representation of a cut cube is different for each square of each net.

Untitled 1/11 (CutCube) functions as a sculpture and as a drawing in space. The eleven parts of the work can be installed as single items of a series, in various groups, and as a complete ensemble. In each installation an outline of the net (for each part) is painted in blue on the floor, while the three-dimensional structure is painted in orange, the complementary color. During the exhibition the position of the three-dimensional structure can change on and according to its net.


7 wooden struts (each 100 x 100 x 100 cm with 4 cm diameter), acrylic paint

Overall 100 x 300 x 400 cm

Photography © Sandra Peters