Bilateral, Diagonal, Cubical

Bilateral, Diagonal, Cubical, 2012–2013

The exhibition Bilateral, Diagonal, Cubical at the Galerie Aanant & Zoo in Berlin assembled works in various media that resulted from my grappling with the architecture of Rudolph Schindler’s How House (1925).
In the first of the three rooms of the exhibition, a selection of drawings from the series Untitled: Facade Studies I was shown; they translate the facade structure of the house into precise constellations of individual planes shifted in relation to one another. The colorful drawings, which are collages of poster board, were mounted directly on the wall. A freely floating pane of protective glass was hung in front of them—a kind of new “facade” for the drawings. The model SIX was placed in the same room. SIX consists of six cubes whose sides are formed from parallel struts at right angles to each other. The struts diagonally subdivide the six sides of the cube. On each side, the six sides of the cube can be arranged in eight different positions relative to one another, resulting in 262,144 possible constellations. When configuring the six cubes, I took care that the arrangements of the sides of each cube was as different from the other as possible; thus each cube had a different dynamic for the viewer. The cubes were staggered diagonally in two rows of three. The model SIX (1:50) showed one possibility for a large ensemble as an outdoor sculpture.
The sculpture Interface No. 1 occupied the second room, which linked the gallery’s three exhibition spaces. Interface No. 1 is a cube (140 × 140 × 140 cm) whose sides are also formed by parallel struts at right angles to each other with a grid of eight by eight fields as its base. On the wall opposite of the cube, a large drawing showed the cube of Interface No. 1 unfolded. Because it was painted on two walls that meet at a right angle, the first fold of the sequence resulted.
The third room had two of the three slide projections related to Schindler’s architecture: Within : Without and Flux Balance : Rotating Wings (for information on these works, see the section on Within : Without).

Gallery: Aanant & Zoo, Berlin
Date: Dec 15, 2012 – Jan 26, 2013

Bilateral, Diagonal, Cubical | Photo: Sandra Peters

Bilateral, Diagonal, Cubical | Installation view | Photo: Jan Brockhaus

Bilateral, Diagonal, Cubical | Installation view | Photo: Jan Brockhaus